Concentrated programmes deliver outcomes & benefits up to 70% faster than conventional change & transformation programmes.

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Continuum programmes create interdependent partnerships for continuous improvement on an ongoing basis for respective and collective interests.

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Community programmes bring diverse communities together to work towards mass societal change and sustainable long-term benefits.

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Core Capabilities

The Coplexia Collaborative operating model and quality management systems are underpinned by a non-profit focused Shared Services Centre (SSC) that draws from the core capabilities of five professional practice areas, these being: –

  1. 1
    Coplexia Consulting

    Change & transformation consulting with the ‘snake peel’ effect.

    Our Management Consultants are Collaborative-Business Readiness Assurance (CoBRA) experts. They strive to help C-level Executives and their leadership teams to innovate collaborative programmes that revitalise spirits and reinvigorate some of their most strategically important initiatives.

    They include seasoned professionals with deep industry knowledge working with innovative thought-leaders and futurists to deliver a suite of CoBRA programmes that align people, platforms and processes to a shared vision of success, right across internal and business-to-business collaboration-chains.

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  2. 2
    Coplexia Cloud

    Common collaborative-computing capabilities across corporate firewalls.

    Our Cloud Services Integration & Management (SIAM) capabilities help Chief Information, ‘Technology and ‘Security Officers to drive overall business value by connecting cohorts to a common collaborative-computing environment that extends beyond their respective IT landscape and corporate firewalls.

    The cohort connection service includes ID verification and coordination of user login credentials to access a virtual grid of managed computing and cloud services, allowing people from across autonomous organisations and distributed locations to work together in virtually one workplace, with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and ‘work anywhere’ capabilities enabled as standard.

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  3. 3
    Coplexia Controls

    Quality and compliance controls across connected collaboration-chains.

    Our Controls practice helps Chief Operations Officers architect virtual collaborative organisations—avoiding expensive organisational restructuring, complicated matrix management, duplication and waste with a set of customisable quality management systems (QMS) to ensure co-operational excellence.

    We’ve reimagined organisational structures, with a unique ‘concentric’ design, and developed a suite of QMS to control the common causes of complications in collaborative endeavours, helping multidisciplinary teams from autonomous backgrounds and dispersed locations to work together as virtually one organisation.

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  4. 4
    Coplexia Creative

    Creative communication for clear and compelling community engagement.

    Our Creative Communications services help Chief Marketing Officers to engage internal and external stakeholder communities with standout campaigns to grab their attention and capture their interest, create a sense of desire to participate in the transformational journey, and induce taking actions for change.   

    Coplexia Creative fuses the old with the new for optimal effect—be it taking modern social media marketing tools and techniques into the private enterprise to help with viral change programmes, or classis incentives marketing & loyalty programmes proven to work over the past decades in print and hard publication form into new digital direct and social marketing campaigns.

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  5. 5
    Coplexia Commercial

    Commercial and contracts administration across connected collaboration-chains.

    Our Commercial Shared Services Centre helps Chief Finance Officers, Compliance Officers for Financial Administration (COFAs) and Anti-Money Laundering Officers (AMLO) to comply with contractual and regulatory obligations, who trust us to manage multiple billions per year in programme budgets and client monies held on account.

    Coplexia Commercial offers Programme Accounting, Legal Cashiering (compliant with SRA Accounting rules in England & Wales), Tax, Payroll and banking capabilities. For connected collaboration-chains, we’re the impartial custodians of client money and programme budgets, managing release in accordance to Collaboration Contracts we help draw up.

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