Coplexia appoints Alain Cohen as Chairman of the Legal Services Continuum (LSC) Programme Steering & Commissioning Board.

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London UK January 2019

Alain Cohen has been appointed Chairman of the Coplexia Collaborative Legal Services Continuum (LSC) Programme Steering & Commissioning Board (LSC Board) reflecting his more active involvement in Coplexia since becoming involved as special adviser to the LSC Board last May.

He has previously had a diverse career in law and in industry spanning over nearly 50 years. His experience has ranged from managing law firms of various sizes to operating manufacturing facilities in the builder’s supply market.

In his new role Alain will be assembling a new LSC Board for the start of the second round of the LSC programme in January 2019. The programme brings together owners and managers of regulated sole and small solicitor practices in England & Wales to work together on a portfolio of projects that promise greater prosperity for participants through better practice productivity, improved profitability and a boost to the personal pension plans for owner managers looking to retire.

First launched in October 2017, the LSC programme has been particularly attractive to solicitors looking for help with the often complicated and cumbersome practice closure procedures when wishing to retire from practice. Problematic chores such as the clearing off of old client balances, communicating with clients and dealing with other regulatory requirements such as professional indemnity insurance and ‘run-off’ are all examples of burdens that can be alleviated by participating in the programme.

In exchange, practice owners are expected to either sit on or contribute to the work of LSC Board. The Board’s responsibilities include maintaining standards with overall governance over the provision of reserved legal activities across digitally connected law firms and legal professionals bound together by LSC Programme Partner Agreement.

Welcoming his appointment Amir Khodaparast, Managing Partner and Director of Programmes said “Alain brings a wealth of experience from both the world of business and law. We welcome his wise and sound advice that has already helped steer the LSC programme through some of its most challenging and exciting times to great success.”

Commenting on his appointment as Chairman of the LSC Board Alain said “I look forward to bringing my experience to bear and to assembling a new board to push forward the second round of the LSC programme thereby extending the Coplexia community with fresh new thinking for the future that’s aligned with new SRA rules and emergent new trends.”


Coplexia develops and delivers collaborative programmes and structures that transcend conventional boundaries to enable people from autonomous organisations to work together as ‘Virtually One’ workforce in pursuit of their respective and collective interests.

It is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier under various government framework agreements and an ‘alternative business structure’ (ABS) licensed and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) through which it has acquired the practicing name and interests of several solicitor practices for the benefit of their former owners and extended collaborative at large.

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